Discover Toyé, The Nigerian-American Singer Blending Music Genres From Across The World

There are many lessons to be learned from Donald Glover’s seminal show, Atlanta, but one of the first truths we notice is just how many Atlantan youths are striving to make it in the music game.

Nigerian-American singer, Toyé is a real life example of this, but his story is one of growing success — he's gone from releasing obscure singles on Soundcloud to opening for Burna Boy in just three years, whilst still excelling at his college degree. 

Born Oluwatoyin Oladehinde, Toyé set out into the world of music in 2016 with his freestyle track, "America". Inspired by Nigerian acts, Lagbaja, D’Banj, Flavour and Obesere, Toyé’s music became a sort of melting pot of the varying cultures between which he was raised.

Like many other artists, Toyé’s music is a means for him to express himself, so his songs are to be a sincere reflection of who he is. Striving for authenticity in his lyrics, Toyé is adamant not to lose his identity in the name of fitting in with what’s around him.

And according to this Atlantan singer, whose formative years trail back to Ibadan, his identity simply is:

"A broke college student that just happens to be able to write songs"

So far, Toyé has done a sound job of juggling his degree and his burgeoning music career. After "America" came a few more singles, to the pleasure of his minute fanbase, but last year, Toyé finally earned ears with his breakthrough hit "Shayo", which has amassed over 100,000 plays across streaming platforms.

Teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer, Ace Harris for "Shayo", the bop saw Toyé blend his raspy-toned fuji sound with pop tenets over an afropop beat — a fusion of different sounds that  brought the young singer his biggest bout of success.

This year, Toyé delivered another single from his time with Ace Harris, this time assisted by DJ Tag for the dancehall, R&B and afropop blend titled "Attitude". As the lead single off his forthcoming debut project, "Attitude" was then given some special treatment, becoming Toyé's first ever music video.

From his husky vocals to his vibrant melodies, Toyé’s music borrows from a variety of genres, making his sounds rather unique. We’d love to see him rise through the ranks which isn't far fetched, as he already seems to be on his way!