Discover Preyé, The Singer Looking To Change The World One Song At A Time

Bankyondbeatz's "Afromadtown" is one of our favourite songs by a Nigerian producer, and thanks to the gifted beatsmith's convoking of some of the most talented up-and-coming women in the game, we were introduced to the soulful sounds of Tamunopreyé Itamunoala (aka Preyé).

Thanks to her participation in her church's choir, Preyé gained an understanding for music, and through the songs her parents played at home — which ranged from reggae and jazz to r&b and soul — Preyé earned a deeper appreciation that drove her into the field. 

Despite bagging an engineering degree, which is no small feat, Preyé was captivated by the sonic beauty she was constantly exposed to. Speaking with Konbini about her childhood lust for music, Preyé explains:

"I found them really intriguing and wished to contribute to the great songs we have in the world today and I’m glad that I am doing that one song at a time."

Thanks to the impact of her dad's many CDs, as well a host of musical inspirations, Preyé is realising her dreams and bearing the fruit of her hard work as a student of music. When describing her journey toward developing her unique sound, Preyé has a long list of artists to credit. 

The soulful singer tips her hat to Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and more for their influence in her songwriting; before thanking Beyoncé, Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott, whose sounds have been pivotal in shaping how Preyé delivers her bars.

Instrumentalists such as Karen Briggs and Yanni, as well as notable vocalists, Vann Johnson and Jeanette Clinger, also helped Preyé hone her harmonic and melodic skills in her music. After the deluge of names she reels off, Preyé fittingly sums up with:

"I keep learning daily and am inspired by the new sounds we hear today by a lot of new artists as well. Music is never-ending."

Given that she is continually studying different genres and styles, it is no surprise that Preyé's music is an eclectic blend of sounds — she dubs her music neo-afrosoul and r&b. As for the lyrical content of her songs, Preyé is also incredibly deliberate about what she's creating and for whom.

She tells Konbini:

"My music comes from a very conscious place. It defines a new generation. Over the years I have understood the power my voice carries and I intend to use it as a weapon of peace. It gets stronger daily and I have confidence in it"

From her own songs (the latest being "Cookies") to her show-stopping features on jams like Tay Iwar's "Space" and our aforementioned fave, Bankyondbeatz's "Afromadtown", Preyé always delivers, thanks to the authenticity with which she makes music. 

Preyé aims to consistently release music that stays true to her identity as an artist. So, although her sound might change as she inevitably grows and evolves, at whatever stage in life Preyé is, she assures fans that her music will always be a sincere expression. 

Currently, Preyé has a few more singles cooking as she works toward her debut EP; she also teases a joint project with fellow up-and-comer, Davina Oriakhi. Both singers have a captivating musical rapport, which they proved on "Vanity" and "Bang The Drum".

Preyé's world domination is coming one song at a time, and we are loving every minute of it.