Daramola And Nonso Amadi Take Us To Church In New Song, 'Traffic Remix'

Four months after putting out his critically-acclaimed debut album The Last Time I Tried, Daramola is back in the studio and reworking some of the lesser-known songs. He's partnered with Nigerian music collective, the Hills Music Group's biggest producer, Nonso Amadi (yeah, that Nonso Amadi) to remix "Traffic", one of the interludes off his debut project. The song was released under the Hills Music Group imprint, which has put out remixes and covers by artistes like Nonso Amadi and Lindsey Abudei.

"Traffic Remix" opens with ambient sounds, and Daramola's whispered vocals, put through a vocoder for a guttural effect, a technique often favoured by Bon Iver and Kanye West. Daramola and Nonso Amadi duet, shedding the original song's trap instrumental beat for a more electronic, futuristic sound. Daramola's signature falsetto carries most of the verses while Amadi layers his vocal work for an otherworldly chorus and a brand new verse. While the song mostly stays true to its gospel roots, Daramola diverts at the very end, focusing on his relationship with a girl.

“I’m stuck in a cell but I’m looking for heaven

The last time I tried it was harder than heaven”.

It’s not clear if the song is an official remix or not, but it's still an interesting track. We'd like to hear what an actual collaboration between Daramola and Nonso Amadi would be.

Listen to "Traffic Remix" here:

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