DAP The Contract Rounds Up 'Contract Thursdays Part 2' With 'Open Letter'

Earlier this year, DAP The Contract started Contract Thursdays Pt 1, releasing a new song every Thursday.

He later followed up with Contract Thursdays Pt 2, which kicked off with "Special" featuring Ajebutter 22, and closed with a music video for the song "Open Letter". 

"Open Letter" is a reflective and somber tune, fitting the current climate of despair in the music industry following the tragic loss of DJ Olu. On this track, Dolapo writes an open letter to his friends, family and fans thanking them for their support. 

In his open letter, he writes: 

"Sometimes I think this road was chosen for me.

Sometimes I think I had no choice but here I am by my own will, freely.

In this world there is little we can do about our lack of freedom.

We are all caged.

But if the little we can do is free our minds from mental slavery, we must fight for that with our lives.

Life is the cost of freedom"

As we said previously, DAP's sound constantly evolves with each project and his artistic growth is not one to sleep on. Contract Thursday Pt 2 includes an eclectic mix of sounds, showing off his musical range and ability.

The series was an easy and smooth listen with clear influences from hip-hop, jazz, soul, afrobeat and gospel, and it's hard to pick a favourite as they are all so good.

If you haven't already, listen to the Contract Thursdays Pt2  here: 

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