Burna Boy Does A Madness On New Track With Lily Allen, 'Heaven's Gate'

Let's all come to the collective agreement that Burna Boy is a musical O.G, and should only be treated as such! Last year, he gave us several hits, which are still in rotation on our playlists, and now he has kicked off 2018 with an insane banger featuring Lily Allen: "Heaven's Gate". 

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We don't know how he does it, and we don't really even need to, we just need him to continue whatever he's doing. Last year was the year of international music collabs with our local artists, and while a lot of them were great songs, some of them felt like embellishments. 

Burna Boy is no stranger to collaborating with international superstars, as last year saw two features with J Hus, "Sekkle Down" and "Good Time". He's also featured on Fall Out Boy's newest album, Mania which shows that his talent is transient, and he can fit into any genre he finds himself. 

No less, "Heaven's Gate" is a jam from start to finish. The several instances of syncopation will keep you engaged throughout the song, with the pace shifting from mid to fast- tempo. While Burna Boy doesn't stray from his usual dancehall sound, Lily Allen does a superb job stepping outside her box.

"Heaven's Gate" is sure to bring any party or setting it's played at alive within seconds! Listen to it right here: 

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