Boj Teams Up With Teni For His Seductive New Single, 'Obe'

A couple weeks ago, Boj announced the advent of his first single of the year, "Obe" — a sure jam featuring 2018's biggest breakout star, Teni. Finally, the much-anticipated track is available, and the talented young duo did not disappoint. 

Teni kicks things off, delivering an absolutely delectable vocal performance that glides smoothly over the funky, Genio-produced beat. As Teni's verse closes, Boj takes over seamlessly, affirming our presumption that these two would work excellently together. 

On the track, Boj and Teni describe a sexual escapade between each other; Teni recounts the events that unfold as a guy is moving to her, before she turns her attention to Boj, who takes the stage to ask Teni to follow him home. 

The song is littered with lowkey sexual references, such as the infectious hook, "la bi obe" — which loosely translates to "lick it like it's stew". With their sensual vocals atop the seductive beat, Teni and Boj's flirtations on "Obe" are ripe for the bedroom.

Listen to the provocative single below: