Best You Never Heard: Teni Steals The Show On Boomboxx's Love Song, 'I Dey'

Following her massive breakout year, Teni has stayed hard at work, dropping singles and hopping on a ton features. Given that she rarely takes a break, it's easy to miss some of her standout work, much like her collaboration with Boomboxx on the affectionate "I Dey". 

(Photo: YouTube/Boomboxx)

Most of the songs in Teni's discography are love songs, and she's never shy to wear her heart on her sleeve. She maintains that energy on "I Dey", as she and Boomboxx reassure their lovers that no matter what happens between them, they will always be there.

The accompanying music video, which was directed by Adasa Cookey, is a lot less hopeful than the actual song, as both stars try to win over their respective love interests with elaborate displays of affection, but they end up failing and are left heartbroken by the end.

You can watch the video right here: 

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