Best You Never Heard: Ladipoe Wears His Heart On His Sleeve On 'Po's Love'

Ladipoe first gained our attention with his contribution to Show Dem Camp's most popular song to date, "Feel Alright", and it's been really hard to shake him since then.

Last year, he dropped his first-ever body of work, Talk About Poe, introducing his boundless ability to a brand new audience. However, we recently discovered a song from six years ago, "Po's Love", and the gem proves that the rapper has actually always been a force to be reckoned with.

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As we all know, nothing is lost on the internet, and we're glad that we were able to unearth this glorious deep cut. It shows that, unlike other artists in the game, Ladipoe has refused to compromise his sound in search of commercial viability — he's only improved upon it. 

On "Po's Love", the rapper is pensive as usual, taking listeners on an emotional journey through the current state of his feelings. He touches on not being able to put a pin on his emotions, being a distant boyfriend and how quickly he fell in love with a girl he met at a flower shop. 

Deep emotion is not something that is usually explored in Nigerian music — let alone the hip-hop scene — and it's very interesting that Ladipoe managed to execute this so effortlessly, especially at such an early stage in his career. 

Listen to "Po's Love" right here: 

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