AYLØ Enlists Psycho YP & Fasina For His Latest Single, 'Sassy'

After a long hiatus from releasing music, AYLØ is now making up for lost time. A few weeks after his hypnotic comeback, "Paris!", he's back with a new single off the upcoming dnt'dlt tape: the Psycho YP and Fasina-assisted number, "Sassy"

"Sassy" begins with AYLØ's soft musings over light keys that open the tranquil, Eke-produced beat. On the track, AYLØ is once again mesmerised by a woman, making it clear that he understands just what she needs. 

In an interview with Complex, AYLØ explains that this track is dedicated to women, saying: 

"It is sort of an ode to feminine sass. The chase they make you chase. Knowing fully well that this is 2019 and we no longer condone intimacy, relationships or the idea of marriage as a concept that renders women a subservient and, in essence, a slave."

Taking charge of the song's chorus and opening verse, AYLØ hands over the reigns to Psycho YP and Fasina for the second and third verses respectively. While Psycho YP reflects AYLØ's amorous message, Fasina is more of a player, confessing that he will need more than one wife. 

Listen to this solid joint effort below: