Asa Teases New Music For The First Time In Five Years

It is very difficult to believe that one of Nigeria's most celebrated musicians hasn't released any music for half a decade, but in the case of Asa, that is the simple truth!

Although the talented singer remains present in the conversations, we rarely ever hear Asa through radios or music channels. Well, that's all about to change, as Asa will be dropping her first single since her 2014 album, Bed of Stone later this month. 

After a five-year long hiatus, Asa is finally ready to start a new musical journey. The enigmatic singer teased a new single and an accompanying video via her social media platforms, sharing with fans and followers the intro of the song along with a sneak peak of the video.

This new song — for which she hasn't yet given us the name — is set to be a mellow offering from Asa, with the calm keys and melancholy humming we hear in the short teaser clip giving away the soft tempo of the track. 

In preparation for Asa's return on May 14, we're streaming all her old music, starting with her last single off the Bed of Stone album, "Eyo".