Asa Shares Cover Art & Release Date For New Music, 'The Beginning'

Last week, acclaimed singer-songwriter, Asa pleased fans when she teased the release of new music on May 14 — her first in half a decade. Now, she's shared the cover art of "The Beginning", which she hints will be the "opening track" on her upcoming third studio album.

After a very long hiatus, Asa is finally ready to start a brand new musical journey. The enigmatic singer first teased the new release on social media, sharing with fans and followers a little snippet of the upcoming song, as well as a sneak peek of its music video. 

As for the cover art of "The Beginning", it's a stunning portrait of the singer. While it's a bit unclear if "The Beginning" is also the title of the album, all we know for sure is that fans should expect something new from Asa by 12 pm tomorrow, and we cannot wait. 

Check out the teaser right here: 

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