Lana Wachowski Says She's Writing An Entire Season 3 For 'Sense8'

Attention Sensates. After making a u-turn on its decision to cancel fan favourite Sense8 after  two seasons, Netflix officially gave the green light for a final two-hour episode. But it seems like co-creator Lana Wachowski hasn't said her last word on the subject.

Interviewed via a Facebook Live for Vancouver Pride alongside three of the show's actors, the showrunner dropped a little bomb. Apparently she isn't just penning a last ever episode for the series but an entire third season. 

Speaking of herself rather cryptically in the third person, Wachowski says:

"She's writing... Because she believes so much in the fans, that they're going to go out and create so many more fans, Lana's going ahead and actually writing the entire season three."

After an awkward pause, Brian J. Smith (who plays Will in the show) breaks the silence, joking: "I think we just got cut off, the feed's gone dead."

We're guessing Lana was either looking to pile the pressure on Netflix to give the go ahead for a full season or she was reaching out to other platforms to let them know the show's creative team was ready to roll. If the latter is true, it would be the first time ever a Netflix show was picked up by another channel. 

Whether the full season three will ever see the light of day, we're not sure. The two-hour-long finale is expected to air in 2018.

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