Kiss Daniel Releases The Video For His Latest Love Song, '4 Dayz'

In the run up to Valentine's Day - to add to the large list of love songs we got- Kiss Daniel released "4 Dayz", a catchy love tune which in Nigerian society (and weddings every Saturday) will outlast the season of love.

Today, he has just released an accompanying music video, which is fitting, as it's the day of love itself. However, we have less than loving feelings towards it!

(Photo: YouTube/Kiss Daniel)

The song itself is good, as it's super catchy. The lyrics are warm and will resonate with anyone who's in love. In the same breath, it could have done without this particular video and we wish Sesan directed a different one for the song.

Kiss Daniel's 2018 started off with a lot of flack following his tasteless skit in "Yeba", and we've barely even forgiven him for that. In the colourful and distracting video for "4 Dayz" - at the 1.08 mark, he basically reenacts what the skit says and we really don't understand why. 

Someone needs to sit him down and have a few words with him, as we're in the age of cancelling and people will not hesitate to cancel him! We like his songs, so we'll need him to fix up ASAP!! 

You can watch the video for "4 Dayz" here:

Evil dictator of taste