Ghanaian Designer, Ozwald Boateng Takes His Sharp Suits To Black Panther's Wakanda

Marvel's Black Panther is possibly the most anticipated movie this year, and thanks to its impressive cast listbrilliant trailers and a Kendrick Lamar-curated soundtrack, there's no real wonder why. 

Given that Wakanda is a fictional African country, it's difficult to present wardrobe which won't come across as cringe-worthy and gimmicky, but the costume designer Ruth Carter did a great job with the costumes, which featured a piece from a British-Ghanaian suit designer, Ozwald Boateng

So far from the teasers, we've spotted Nigerian designer Ikiré Jones on Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa in what appears to be a meeting with the United Nations. Now, Ozwald Boateng revealed on Instagram that one of his iconic men's suits - a teal single button ensemble appears in Black Panther

His use of colour, cut and fabric fuses traditional classic British tailoring with high-end modern design. Being the first black tailor to set up shop on Saville Row, the fashion maven has always focused on the refinement of a man's silhouette, and as such, has brought tailoring to a whole new generation of men.

Speaking about his piece featuring in Black Panther, Boateng said: 

"As a Ghanaian and staunch supporter of promoting Africa I was extremely proud to see Africa being represented in a brighter light.

As a fashion designer, it was an honour to be part of the process and have some of my pieces in the Black Panther Movie."

We're not sure who the character wearing the Ozwald Boateng piece is, but he looks super cool with his matching lip plate.

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

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