'Game Of Thrones' Season 7 Finale Is Most-Watched Episode Ever

Season seven of Game of Thrones has had its fair share of bad luck between accidental airings and various leaks. But despite this, the fantasy series has still managed to smash it in terms of ratings. 

Going out on a high note, the recently broadcast season finale has beaten new records, raking in more than 16.5 million viewers in total, including streaming views.

(Photo: HBO)

To compare, "The Dragon and the Wolf" was watched live on HBO this Sunday by 12.1 million viewers, while season six's ultimate episode managed to pull just 8.9 million. In just one season, Game of Thrones has seen its ratings skyrocket by 36%. 

But not only has the show beaten its own record, it has created a brand new one becoming the most-watched episode ever to air. On average, counting all legal platforms, season seven reeled in 30.6 million viewers per episode, as Variety reports.

The bad news: we'll have to wait a year at the very least for the eighth season, with filming only expected to start in October. 

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