This Is What Disney Characters Would Look Like In 'Game of Thrones'

It seems we can’t get over our love for Game of Thrones lately and combining this with our other lost love Disney, would it be great to have a mixture of the two?

Well, digital artist Gregory Masouras has created just that, he has put together a mash-up of our favourite female Disney characters in iconic scenes from the much talked about series as found on his Instagram.

The artist's many creations let's us delve into our own imagination of what it would be like if our Disney princess kicked arse and took on more hard-hitting roles than what we are usually use to. It's safe to say, the results are just spot on.

A digital image of Elsa as Daenerys targaryen Photo Gregory Masouras via Instagram

Elsa as Daenerys Targaryen (Photo: Gregory Masouras/Instagram)

Could Elsa be our new mother of dragons?  She will in fact possess two powers of both withstanding fire and also the ability to shell out ice and make magical kingdoms, not to mention her total resemblance to Deanery’s beach blond hair and braiding.

Rapunzel as Sansa Stark Photo Gregory Masouras via Instagram

Rapunzel as Sansa Stark (Photo: Gregory Masouras/ Instagram)

Idolised by her hair and beauty, Rapunzel can make a great Sansa stark  especially in the first season where she seemed very innocent as she didn't know any better. Minus the colour of hair this could be a good fit.

Mulan as Arya Stark Photo Gregory Masouras via Instagram

Mulan as Arya Stark (Photo: Gregory Masouras/ Instagram)

It's quite hard not to stare at those eyes but Mulan, a self-made warrior equipped with combat and sword skills is perfectly in tune with Arya, so what a perfect match.


This by far the best depiction of a doting mother who would do anything to protect her kids but you can't help but remember what is comes next in this very scene.

Aurora as Cersei Lannister Photo Gregory Masouras via Instagram

Aurora as Cersei Lannister (Photo: Gregory Masouras/ Instagram)

There’s something quite sinister about the way Aurora looks in this photo but what more can we expect from a Lannister.

Not quite sure if we can get used to Jasmine showing off her mean streak this season or even her hunger for revenge for that matter.

Jasmine as Ellaria Sand Photo Gregory Masouras via instagram

Jasmine as Ellaria Sand (Photo: Gregory Masouras/ Instagram)

Mother Gothel AKA The Red Lady as Melisandre and Stannis Photo Gregory Masouras via instagram

Mother Gothel as Melisandre (AKA Red Lady) (Photo: Gregory Masouras/Instagram)

Snow White as Shae Photo Gregory Masouras via instagram

Snow White as Shae (Photo: Gregory Masouras /Instagram)

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