Discover: St Beauty, Your New Favourite Singing Duo

Beyond their beauty, Alex Belle and Isis Valentino of St Beauty draw inspiration from folk, soul, and hip-hop to make up their blissfully eclectic sound.

They always manage to switch on a girl power button with their anti-f*kboy anthems, and this is probs why they were featured on an episode of our fave show, Insecure.

A post shared by St.Beauty (@stbeautyband) on

A post shared by St.Beauty (@stbeautyband) on

A part of Janelle Monae's Wonderland collective, they broke out into the scene when their first single "Going Nowhere" featured on Wonderland Presents: The Euphus alongside Janelle Monae's "Yoga" and Jidenna's "Classic Man". 

The best thing about their music and their style is that it is quite visibly and authentically theirs. With their quirky and colourful outfits, they are really hard to miss and don't even get us started on how beauts they are! Their sound presents a unique blend of r&b, with dreamy vocals which deliver a richness that is unparalleled in today's market.

Speaking to People about the importance of being authentic, the duo said: 

"If you don’t have answers for people, whatever empty holes you have, they’re going to try and fill them up themselves.

You need to know who you are, inside and out, because you don’t want people making decisions for you that are going to mess you up in the future"

In their songs "Going Nowhere", "Borders" and the newest single "Caught", they give you the confidence boost you need to ditch that summer fling you're hanging on to, and we love it! 

Watch the super fun, psychedelic video for their latest single, "Caught" here: 

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