Meet Bemyoda, The Self-Assured Alternative Folk Singer

Alternative folk singer Bemyoda is definitely an anomaly in the Nigerian music scene. I mean, even for an indie singer, his singles are few and very far between.

While it sucks that such a gifted artiste doesn't bless us with his talents more often, we are glad that when he does the result is as beautiful and thoughtful as his most recent release, "I Told You" – a stunner off his upcoming album, Stark.

Sharing what inspired the heartfelt single on Instagram, Bemyoda said:

"I wrote 'I Told You' when I was in a difficult place, in the midst of some sort of depression. It was one of those times when only God gets through to you. Friends try, but God mostly."

Bemyoda is relatively lowkey, so if you're wondering where you've heard his smoky voice before, it might have been on the acclaimed web series, Gidi Up – where his sophomore single, "Faded Grace", was used as an official soundtrack. 

While "Faded Grace" might have gotten the most attention, Bemyoda's 2012 debut single, "Shima Yam" was the real find – a staggeringly confident introduction to a megawatt star.

Sketch: The Reprise – A self-assured EP

Then in 2015, Bemyoda finally gave us a hint of his direction as an artiste with the self-assured Sketch: The Reprise EP – a re-release of his 2013 debut EP, featuring re-produced and re-mastered songs like "Faded Grace" and "Shima Yam", as well as a brilliant new track, "Forever".

Speaking about how this EP was merely a prelude to something fuller, Bemyoda said:

"'Sketch' was always that – a sketch, rough, unfinished, a prelude to something fuller, to a more complete image. A body of work good enough to give a sense of my direction as an artist, yet devoid of completeness.

Something clear enough to let the observer see basic forms and perspective, yet begging to not be used as total definition for my creative intent or ability."

Well, it's been two years and we are finally getting that "something fuller" with his debut album, Stark.

Like the artiste itself, the album release will be one-of-a-kind – a multimedia exhibition which will feature music from the album and will run from May 27 to 29.


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