Listen To Davido's Catchy New Love Song, 'Assurance'

We all know 2017 was Davido's year, as his monster hits "If", "Fall", "Fia" and "Like Dat" all dominated our airwaves. Now, following his first single of 2018, "Flora My Flawa" and a bunch of strong features, Davido just released a brand new single, "Assurance".

With a catchy sample of Paw Paw's "Biggie Biggie" as the pre-chorus, the song manages to grasp you within seconds and keep you interested throughout its duration.

In normal Davido fashion, there's not much lyrical range, however, the catchy rhymes and the sombre beat work well together. On the song, he declares his feelings for his significant other, singing "You’re the one I want oh/Before my liver start to fail/You’re the one I need oh".

While the song is nice, much like "Flora My Flowa", it's certainly not as strong as "Fia" or "Like Dat". We really hope Davido didn't exhaust all his monster hits last year. Anyway, considering the song was only created to celebrate his girlfriend's birthday, we won't judge it too harshly.

You can listen for yourself right here: 

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