Coldplay Pays Tribute To Chester Bennington With This Touching Cover

On Tuesday, August 1st, Coldplay kicked off their tour of the American North East. For the occasion, the English band paid tribute to Chester Bennington, the celebrated Linkin Park singer who sadly died by suicide on July 20.

With his crystalline voice, Chris Martin launched into a touching solo cover of the California band's song "Crawling" accompanying himself on the piano.

The song comes from Linkin Park's very first album, Hybrid Theory, and the dark lyrics are a reminder of the emotional hardships Bennington faced.

Martin dedicated the song to "anyone who's missing someone." Aware that his performance would end up on YouTube, Martin started the song over after making a mistake in the intro, wanting to do the song justice.

And he was right to do so – videos filmed by fans at the enormous MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford are now popping up all over the web. The videos show a perspiring Chris Martin from multiple angles, encouraged by loud applause from the crowd.

The tribute is especially meaningful because Linkin Park had been scheduled to play in New York just a few days prior. Coldplay's tribute is one of many in recent weeks. From Katy Perry to Timbaland, Chester Bennington marked an entire generation.

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