'The Wedding Party 2' & 'King Of Boys' Were Among 2018's Most Googled Films In Nigeria

At the end of every year, Google gives us a round-up of all the things we've spent our precious time researching on the platform. Last week, they announced the most Googled films in Nigeria, and King Of Boys and The Wedding Party 2 made the cut.

(Photo: EbonyLife Films)

Following the history-making success of Kemi Adetiba's debut feature film, The Wedding Party, it comes as no surprise that the film's sequel, The Wedding Party 2, and Adetiba's sophomore feature film, King Of Boys, garnered so much attention from movie lovers.

The acclaimed Black Panther expectedly landed the top spot as the most searched film in Nigeria. While we're not at all surprised by this list — especially the appearance of Acrimony, and Avengers: Infinity War — we hope next year will see more Nollywood films representing.

Here are the top 8 most Googled films in Nigeria: 

1. Black Panther 

2. Avengers: Infinity War 

3. Acrimony

4. Venom

5. Deadpool 2 

6. King Of Boys 

7. The Wedding Party 2 

8. Rampage 

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