Watch The Stunning Trailer For Upcoming Animated Film, 'The Passport Of Mallam Ilia'

Animated movies in Nigeria are beginning to gain traction, and we are elated to see this transition. The latest addition to the growing list of animated films from Nigerian studios is the adaptation of Cyprian Ekwensi's book, The Passport of Mallam Ilia.

(Photo: YouTube/MagicCarpet Studios)

Set in 19th century Kano, The Passport Of Mallam Ilia, as is the title of the film, tells the story of a young warrior, Ilia, who sets out on a vengeful mission against Mallam Usman, the man who murdered his wife.

The trailer depicts Mallam Ilia preparing to embark on the mission, as he trains with a spirit before venturing on the road to revenge. The film will be filled with love and vengeance as Mallam Ilia fights for justice for his wife, Zara.

Magic Carpet Studios is the Lagos-based production company behind this exciting animation, their fortes including 2D and 3D animation, illustrations and game development. We really can't wait for their very promising film to be released.

Watch the trailer below: