Watch The First Teaser For EbonyLife's Upcoming Drama, 'Oloture'

A few weeks ago, CEO of EbonyLife, Mo Abudu revealed the synopsis of their upcoming film, Oloture. Now, they've released the first teaser, setting the tone for what fans should expect from the film, and we're understandably hyped. 

(Photo: YouTube/EbonyLife)

The film follows the story of a young journalist, Oloture (Sharon Ooja), who goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking. New to this brutal environment, she finds warmth in the relationships she forms with the prostitutes she takes up residence with.

The thirty-second teaser starts off with Oloture whispering on the phone, building up the suspense for what we see in the rest of the teaser. We see an initiation of sorts, where a line of young girls — including Oloture — shed blood and are instructed to climb into a coffin. 

EbonyLife usually doles out romantic comedies — from the game-changing Fifty to the record-shattering The Wedding Party  — and given how successful those have been, we're surprised that they're trying out a new formula with such a dark and gritty drama.

Well, after this teaser, we're certainly excited for the film to drop.

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