Seun Ajayi Stuns In The Trailer For Abba Makama's 'The Lost Okoroshi'

Back in 2016, Abba Makama's debut feature, Green White Green, was one of the eight Nigerian films chosen to screen at the Toronto Internation Film Festival (TIFF). Now, the acclaimed director will be returning to the prestigious festival with his upcoming film, The Lost Okoroshi.

(Photo: Instagram/Abba Makama)

Starring Seun Ajayi, Ifu Ennada, Chiwetalu Agu and more, The Lost Okoroshi follows a security guard who seeks more out of his life. Haunted by dreams of an ancestral Okoroshi masquerade, the security guard wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a mute, purple spirit.

Speaking about the film in an official statement, Abba Makama said: 

"I want Africans to keep in touch with their cultures and traditions and globalisation makes it increasingly difficult for us to connect with our past.

Masquerades have generally been demonised and considered bad omens in western religions. With this project I aim to change the narrative and reintroduce the masquerade as a colorful, playful and benign entity."

The Lost Okoroshi is part of TIFF's 'Discovery' program — which boasts of 37 films from emerging filmmakers who represent 35 countries — and from the film's profound subject matter and gripping trailer, we think it will be a big hit at the festival (which will run from September 5 to September 15).

Check out the trailer right here: 

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