'The Delivery Boy' Gets A New Trailer & A May Release Date

At last year's AFRIFF Globe Awards, two films by young filmmakers made huge impressions, deservedly taking home the big awards of the night. One of these films was Delivery Boy, which won 'Best Nigerian Film', and has finally gotten a release date.

(Photo: YouTube/Something Unusual Studios)

(Photo: YouTube/Something Unusual Studios)

Directed by Kunle Adejuyigbe (Isoken), Delivery Boy tells the story of two strangers, brought together by fate, who come to depend on each other. Amir is an orphan boy raised by an extremist group from whom he escapes, bumping into Nkem, a prostitute also on the run. 

In the intense trailer, we hear a monologue by a man, who is sharpening a knife, looking to embark on a suicide bombing mission. In this monologue, the man goes into detail about how the perception of him always overrides who he really is, and nobody even cares.

The intense film manages to tackle issues like domestic terrorism, the indoctrination of child soldiers, and the sexual abuse of young boys. The Delivery Boy will be available in cinemas from May 24, and we can't wait for more people to watch this gem of a movie.

Check out the trailer below: 

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