Watch Eva Alordiah's Thought-Provoking Short Film, 'Where Is The Condom'

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has long been very vocal about sex, opening up about masturbating as a child and encouraging us to check our vaginas daily.

Considering herself a fearless storyteller, Eva created a thought-provoking short film, Where Is The Condom, which tackles the oft-silenced topic of safe sex and reproductive health. As well as taking credit for the story, Eva plays the film's main character.

(Photo: Eva Alordiah/YouTube)

Where Is The Condom begins with a young couple, Elohor and Ade (Bobby Uranta) returning from a drunken afternoon, full of passion for each other. They quickly translate that lust into sex, but unfortunately at the end of the pleasure comes doom, as Elohor notices the condom is missing. 

Freaking out, Elohor demands that they get tested for sexually transmitted diseases or infections, despite the fact that her partner is insisting he is clean. Thankfully, in the end, he agrees to get the test, and they both turn out negative. 

Eva doesn't let the discomfort that tends to follow this kind of topic constrict her, as she tackles this typically taboo subject while emphasising the importance of safe, protected sex and medical check-ups for sexual health

Watch Where Is The Condom below: