Beverly Naya Shines In Action-Packed Trailer For Upcoming Drama, 'Lockdown'

For the past couple of years, Nollywood has saddled the charismatic Beverly Naya with one-note roles that merely call for her to play 'the bitch'. Well, it seems she's ready to show off her oft-ignored range in the upcoming drama, Lockdown, which just got a gripping trailer.

(Photo: Olumo Rock Pictures)

After a surge of romantic comedies, it's great to see Nollywood finally embracing more genre films — from faith-based dramas like God Calling to comedy thrillers like Merry Men. 2019 seems to be even more promising, with impending releases like the evocative Oloture and, now, Lockdown. 

Lockdown follows the story of a group of people trapped in a heist at the Quarterly Bank of Commerce. Members of the staff are held hostage by a criminal gang determined to open the vault before daybreak, and it looks like Beverly Naya's character leads the charge for an escape.

Starring alongside talented actors like Linda Ejiofor, Kalu Ikeagwu and more, we can't wait to see Beverly Naya flex her acting muscles in a role that doesn't merely require her to play the vapid antagonist. Lockdown will be in cinemas nationwide from September 20.

You can watch the trailer right here: 

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