Udoka Oyeka's Short Film, 'Las Gidi Vice' Tells A Gripping Tale About Sexual Violence

Since the emergence of the #MeToo movement, the world has become more sensitive towards any form of sexual misconduct, and rightfully so. Given how rife it is in this wicked world we live in, this conversation is especially important, and filmmaker Udoka Oyeka clearly recognises and tackles this in his latest short film, Las Gidi Vice

(Photo: YouTube/Udoka Oyeka)

Las Gidi Vice follows the night of a playboy, who meets a mysterious girl he's immediately drawn to. As the night goes on, his past sexual transgressions (against her) catch up to him, as a group of girls plot revenge against him. The film perfectly tackles the entitlement men feel before they take advantage of women, and sheds light on their tricks and antics, such as drugging women in order to take advantage.

Too often in Nigeria, victims are expected to always be guarded and told to avoid trouble, and there is not enough pressure on the oppressors to stop being trash. Until society unlearns this problematic stance, there will continue to be sexual violence and we're glad this discussion is being tackled. 

You can watch the short film right here: 

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