There Will Be A Screening Of Wanuri Kahiu's 'Rafiki' In Lagos This Weekend

Last year, Wanuri Kahiu's lesbian romance, Rafikimade history as the first Kenyan film to debut at Cannes. Well, if you're in Lagos, and you've been dying to watch the much-talked-about film, you finally have your chance: it will be screening this weekend at the African Artists' Foundation.

Rafiki follows the story of Kena and Ziki who, "despite the political rivalry between their families, resist and remain close friends". When love blossoms between them, the two girls are forced to choose between happiness and safety, given the conservative society they live in. 

The film stirred up a lot of controversy after being banned in Kenya, for "promoting lesbianism". The ban was, however, lifted for one week, so the film could qualify for an Oscar nomination — telling you everything you need to know about Africa's fake sense of morality.

Regardless of all the drama, we finally get to watch it this Sunday. The Women's Film Club — created to celebrate women in and through film — will be screening the film in Lagos, and we're super excited. We're definitely looking forward to watching, so please come join us.

If you haven't already, check out the trailer right here: 

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