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'The Wire' To 'The Deuce': Gbenga Akinnagbe Has Been A Gift To TV For Years

Ask any avid TV watcher what their favourite show of all time is and the answer will most likely be David Simon's The Wire – and for good reason, the HBO drama is one of the most realistic shows ever made.

The show was great for a lot of reasons – from its timeliness to its authentic dialogue – but one of the best things about it was definitely the great performances; and Gbenga Akinnagbe, in particular, stood out all through his villainous 30-episode run.

Gbenga as Chris Partlow on 'The Wire'  (Photo: HBO)

So, it comes as no surprise that, almost a decade after his arc ended on The Wire, David Simon has brought the talented actor back as a series regular on his brilliant new HBO show, The Deuce.

On the show, Gbenga plays the charismatic Larry Brown, an intense and demanding character, who – while intimidating – also has moments that reveal a conflicted, underlying humanity (something Gbenga has always excelled at playing).

Gbenga as Larry Brown on 'The Deuce' (Photo: HBO)

A great addition to brilliant TV shows

Before his role on The Deuce, Gbenga spent the last couple of years being spectacular on a bunch of acclaimed TV shows – from the Emmy-winning drama The Good Wife to the Emmy-winning comedy Nurse Jackie.

Gbenga also had great guest and recurring spots on other award-winning shows like Fringe, Damages, 24: Live Another Day, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Numbers, Elementary, Madam Secretary, The Following and many more.

Gbenga as Pastor Isaiah Easton on 'The Good Wife' (Photo: CBS)

A strong but lowkey movie career

While TV is definitely Gbenga's strong suit, he has also been given chances to shine on the big screen as well. His most recent feature film roles were in Katheryn Bigelow's period crime drama, Detroit, and Matt Ruskin's Crown Heights.

He also starred in a bunch of other films like the Denzel Washington-led thriller The Taking of Pelham 123, the Oscar-nominated comedy The Savages and the acclaimed drama, Knucklehead.  

Gbenga and Alfre Woodard in 'Knucklehead' (Photo: Ben Browman)

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Konbini and Nescafé bring you the coolest success stories
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