The 'Teen Wolf' Creator Is Working On A Live-Action 'Aeon Flux' Series

Jeff Davis, the creator of Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds, has teamed up with the producer of the Walking Dead franchise, Gale Anne Hurd, to bring back the world of Aeon Flux. Two seasons of the original cartoon were made, with one released in 1991 and the other in 1995.

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The dystopia, which takes place in the year 7698, after an environmental disaster has wiped out almost the entire population, with the exception of two border towns located in what was formerly Eastern Europe, was created by South Korean animator Peter Chung.

The story's heroine, Aeon Flux, is a secret agent and a particularly acrobatic killer. As a member of a rebel organization specializing in biohacking, she must infiltrate the police state of Bregna, led by Trevor Goodchild, a fortress in which the poor work 24 hours a day for the rich.

Aeon Flux is one of those ephemeral productions – only 16 episodes of the animated series were made – whose fascinating futuristic world continues to entice Hollywood. It has been transformed into comics, a video game, and a film released in 2005 with Charlize Theron, which was not particularly successful.

With Netflix launching its own futuristic series this year, Altered Carbon, MTV (which broadcast the original animated series) may well follow this trend. The potential for the success of the Aeon Flux story is huge if Jeff Davis is granted sufficient funds by the network to produce the series, which will be filmed in live action.