Steven Spielberg To Tackle DC Comics Movie 'Blackhawk'

At 71 years old, Steven Spielberg still rules supreme over the movie world. The proof: he recently churned out Oscar nominee The Post and action movie spectaculaire Ready Player One within just two months of each other. He also happens to be working on Indiana Jones 5 and a biopic about the composer behind West Side Story. But, as if that wasn't enough, he's now about to team up with Warner Bros for a movie adaptation of the DC comic Blackhawk.

Steven Spielberg on the set of Jurassic Park (Photo: Murray Close/Getty Images)

As Variety reports, Spielberg's first ever superhero film will be handled by his production company Amblin Entertainment. The story follows Blackhawk, the leader of the Blackhawk Squadron, an elite group of pilots that fought in World War II. Spielberg is also rumoured to direct the movie, which sounds like so much more than a standard superhero blockbuster.

Taking charge of the script will be long-term collaborator David Koepp, with whom Spielberg wrote the first two Jurassic Park films and War of the Worlds. As you probably guessed, there's very little chance that this movie will be attached to the DC Comics universe that Warner Bros built with Man of Steel in 2013 – nor will it be linked to Martin Scorsese's Joker film. The only thing we know for sure about the adaptation is that it will have to wait until Spielberg has finished the two projects he's currently working on. 

In other news, Spielberg just became the first director to hit $10 billion at the box office. Congrats!

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