Robin Wright Takes Centre Stage In New 'House Of Cards' Trailer

Taking advantage of this weekend's Oscar ceremony, Netflix has dropped a first trailer for the upcoming season of House of Cards, which will see Robin Wright (who's played Claire Underwood since season one) take over as the show's lead.

While the chapter's plot remains a mystery, the clip leaves no doubt as to the former First Lady's new position. Standing behind the desk of the Oval Office, she announces "We’re just getting started", before the message "Hail to the chief" flashes up on screen. 

With a disgraced Kevin Spacey out of the picture, Netflix is now determined to provide a worthy end to the show. The platform quickly cut ties with the actor, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual abuse, but took some time to decide the future of the series.

After a few weeks, it was agreed that the sixth and final season of the show would centre around Claire Underwood who, in any case, has had an increasingly important role in the drama over the past few seasons. Netflix hasn't provided an official release date yet but we do know that House of Cards will return at some point this autumn.