Reminisce Says Sola Sobowale's Performance In 'King Of Boys' Intimidated Him

Last month, Kemi Adetiba's sophomore film, King Of Boys was released to critical and commercial success. The film saw Reminisce make his acting debut, and it turns out Sola Sobowale's towering performance almost scared the rapper from taking the part.

If you've been following Sola Sobowale since her Toyin Tomato days, you'll know how gifted she is. While she won over a ton of new fans thanks to her performance in The Wedding Party, she's been a bonafide scene-stealer for many years now, and her work in King Of Boys is no different. 

King Of Boys follows the life of Alhaja Eniola Salami (Sobowale), a businesswoman with a checkered past and a promising political future. As her ambitions see her outgrowing her underworld connections, she’s drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear.

(Photo: YouTube/King Of Boys)

Reminisce plays Makanaki, a political thug plotting revenge against Alhaja Eniola. In an interview with Hip TV, the rapper confirmed that after seeing the lead character, Eniola Salami being portrayed by Sola Sobowale, he didn't think he could go ahead with his role.

He said: 

"So, yeah, I took up the challenge and my first day on set, I saw aunty Sola Sobowale in her full element. I thought 'This woman is in another world, I don't want to mess up, I can't do this'.

But Kemi convinced me and said she believed I can do it and I went back home and returned to give my best like you all saw in the movie."

Well, we're glad that bout of impostor syndrome didn't last long, as he ended up being one of the movie's strongest performers. Might we also add that he served as the perfect amount of eye candy in the film, which would have been sorely lacking if he had backed out.

Watch his interview with Hip TV below:

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