Netflix Finally Reveals 'Black Mirror' Season Four Release Date

Last year, Netflix dropped the fantastic The OA as a special festive surprise; this year we're getting something even more exciting, in the form of Black Mirror's highly anticipated fourth season.

Yup, while you digest your Christmas dinners, you'll be able to devour a brand spanking new chapter of the hit dystopian show.

Making the announcement between multiple trailers and teasers, the platform has now revealed that season four is set for release on December 29.

As a reminder, this season will be made up of six episodes: "Arkangel", "USS Callister", "Crocodile", "Hang the DJ", "Metalhead" and "Black Museum".

All instalments were written by Charlie Brooker, while "USS Callister" – a space opera, weirdly enough – was also co-written by William Bridges. 

Each episode, as with every season to date, will have radically different themes with everything from a digital rom com to a survivalist thriller. Just a little more than three weeks to go, people!