Michaela Coel To Star In Upcoming BBC Thriller, 'Black Earth Rising'

Chewing Gum creator and star, Michaela Coel will be gracing our screens again, as she is set to star in the upcoming series, Black Earth Rising — a BBC and Netflix drama about international war crimes and the West's complex relationship with Africa.

The thriller follows the story of Kate Ashby (Michaela Coel), who was rescued as a young child during the Rwandan genocide and adopted by Eve Ashby (Harriet Walter), a world-class British prosecutor in international criminal law. 

Raised in Britain, Kate — now in her late 20s — works as a legal investigator, who encounters a life-changing experience as her mother takes on an important case against an African militia leader. 

Black Earth Rising has been dubbed "inspirational", as it presents a portrayal of a woman with strength and integrity. We're not used to seeing Michaela Coel in this light, as we're more used to her comedic roles.

The storyline, however, is intriguing enough and will be welcome in the current socio-political climate of the world. We're looking forward to seeing her performance and also hearing more about the series.

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