Meet The Actor Behind Guillermo Del Toro's Fish Man

Doug Jones is to practical effects what Andy Serkis is to CGI. Basically, he's a legend of the big screen and while you may not know his face, you will almost certainly be familiar with his work. Why? Because he's constantly disguised beyond recognition. 

His most recent role, for example, was in Guillermo del Toro's Oscar-winning movie The Shape of Water, but you may have also caught him in projects as varied as Buffy, Batman Returns, Hocus Pocus, The Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer. Among his biggest roles are the Angel of Death in Hellboy, the Faun in Pans Labyrinth and, more recently, Edith's mother in Crimson Peak

To celebrate the work of the actor/contortionist, Great Big News has created an introduction clip presenting the most famous actor you've never seen. From his first TV spot in a McDonald's ad right through to the painstaking makeup sessions of his biggest blockbuster roles, the clip follows Jones' career in a rare look at a supremely underrated talent. Check it out just above.

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