Jason Momoa's Appearance On 'Game Of Thrones' Set Sparks Rumours

We recently learned that filming of Game of Thrones' last season had kicked off in Belfast with a few sneaky clues hinting at  the return of the most hated house in Westeros. Today, another iconic character from the show – or rather the man who played him – has been spotted sneaking around the set.

Despite the actor claims he just "showed up" to see his former co-stars, Jason Momoa's presence on-set has sparked rumors about a possible Kal Drogo reappearance in the show – perhaps in the form of a flashback or... a ghost?

(Screenshot: HBO)

Sadly enough, it looks quite unlikely. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly the actor denied any involvement in the eighth season of the show, explaining:

"I just showed up to see [producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss] and I just happened to see people on set. I haven’t been over there in a long time. You just want to see your friends and you end up make headlines going, 'Drogo’s back!' and I’m like, 'He’s dead! He can’t come back, it wouldn’t work.'"

Alright, alright, but this wouldn't be the first time a character was resurrected in the series (we're looking at you, Jon Snow). The GoT superfan also couldn't help mentioning that he managed to catch a few spoilers while chatting with his pals on set. He gushed:

"Just knowing how amazing this season is going to be… It’s going to be the greatest thing that’s ever aired on TV. It’s going to be unbelievable. It’s going to f— up a lot of people. And it was a bummer because I’m a huge fan and I didn’t want to know what’s going on. I was like, ‘Damn, I didn’t want to know that!"

Wishing Jason Momoa the best of luck in keeping that spoiler under his hat until season eight airs in 2019.