Why Everyone Is Obsessed With British-Nigerian 'Love Island' Contestant, Ovie Soko

As addictive as UK reality TV can be, it's pretty rare to see black people at the forefront. Thankfully, that seems to be changing. The ongoing season of beloved dating series, Love Island has seen three people of Nigerian descent pass through the villa, with everyone’s fave, Ovie Soko still standing.

Even if you’re not currently watching, the social media hype has made the show impossible to ignore. For those who don’t know, Love Island is a dating show, where the ultimate goal is for individuals to come together and find love after living together for two months.

When Ovie Soko joined the season, everyone instantly fell in love, and watching his character unfold every day has been an absolute joy. While the first girl he coupled up with, Anna, may have fumbled the 6' 7" bag, we’re spending our evenings obsessing over everything he does.

Well, in case you need a reason to give the show a shot, look no further than Ovie Soko, one of the best contestants of all time.

First of all, just look at him...

Love Island is known for consistently picking really good-looking contestants, but even they outdid themselves with Ovie. He’s a 6foot 7, dark-skinned basketball player, with fresh waves and lots of tattoos. The first reason to love him quite literally goes without saying. 

He’s the drip god

Ovie's looks definitely turned heads upon arrival, and it’s a huge bonus that he dresses and accessorises himself so well. In addition, he clearly looks after himself, as we see him taking the most showers in the villa, and he wears a silk durag to sleep to keep his waves intact. 

He's sensitive and honest about his feelings

On a dating show, you would expect the most unruly of the lot to be the Nigerian man, but Ovie has proven us all wrong. Although he had a slight slip-up when he faced rejection, he's been pretty supportive and open about his feelings. We stan a man who isn't afraid to cry. 

He's funny AF! 

It took a few episodes for his true personality to shine, and with more screentime, we're getting to see the goofy, positive and chilled side to him. His hilarious facial expressions capture our mood while watching tension unravel in the villa, and he's made the show very entertaining. 

Ovie is currently single, so we're waiting for him to find love in the villa, however, we have our hearts set on him coupling up with our favourite gal, Amber, and if that doesn't work out, there are a ton of people who'd be more than happy to scoop him up once the game is over

Love Island is on everyday at 9pm, and if you're in Nigeria, you can watch live right here

Here's how everyone is feeling about Ovie on Twitter:  

Evil dictator of taste