Giannis Antetokounmpo Declines Role In The Upcoming 'Space Jam 2' Movie

Not everyone wants to go Hollywood, it would seem. Greek-Nigerian NBA star, Giannis Antetokounmpo, said in an interview with the ESPN that he declined the opportunity to appear in Space Jam 2, the sequel to the 1996 cult classic.

Even with the fact that it's produced by Black Panther's Ryan Coogler, and is set to star Lebron James, who will also executive produce the movie – Giannis is not impressed. 

(Photo: Milwaukee Bucks)

He turned down the role because he would have to take two weeks off his regular summer workout routine in order to film, and as a person with a daily schedule planned to a T, he had no reservations about rejecting the role.

In this ESPN video, he said: 

"I don't like being Hollywood. I don't like all this extra drama. I am just going to try to be me."

Okay and a little shady, Giannis. Since his introduction to the NBA in 2013, he's been open about his disdain for the limelight. He has been with the Milwaukee Bucks, a relatively low-market team, since the beginning of his professional career and claims that he has no plans in playing for a big-market team like the Los Angeles Lakers:

"I love Milwaukee—it’s low-key. I can walk down the road, down the streets without anybody bugging me. Nobody interrupts my conversation or anything. I love how quiet and calm Milwaukee is."

We get it.

The original Space Jam movie starred NBA legend Michael Jordan who teams up with a pack of Looney Tunes to win a basketball match against a group of aliens.

Space Jam 2 is scheduled for release on July 16, 2021.

(Photo: Space Jam 2)

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