Falz Channels His 'Chief Daddy' Character On Film's Lead Single, 'Moving Mad'

EbonyLife's festive offering for 2018, Chief Daddy officially hits cinemas today, and to keep the immense buzz going, the entertainment company has released a video for the film's official lead single, "Moving Mad", by Falz's character, AK Famzy.

(Photo: YouTube/EbonyLife)

Last year, comedian Michael Dapaah introduced us to his alter ego, Big Shaq, who dropped the indelible hit, "Manz Not Hot". This moment went on to become an integral part of pop culture, and it seems Falz has taken the same route with this song. 

The AMVCA winner plays the role of Femi Beecroft, the son of the deceased Chief, excited to inherit his father's billions. He also goes by the musical moniker, AK Famzy, and has dreams of becoming the next big grime star.

Well, if "Moving Mad" is any indication, then Famzy's mother (played by Joke Silva) is right to disapprove of his dreams. Falz, on the other hand, delivers a brilliant performance as a stereotypical grime up-and-comer, reinforcing just how talented he is.

Announcing this on Instagram, Falz said:

"The Famzy Anthem (Moving Mad) is Femi Beecroft AKA Famzy’s debut single. He thinks he is the sh*t and you can’t tell him otherwise. Funny how it was quite a task putting this track together."

Listen to the delightfully awful "Moving Mad" below:

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