Drake Reacts To Ibra Ake-Penned 'Atlanta' Episode About Him

Last week's episode of Atlanta, "Champagne Papi", had the impossible task of following "Teddy Perkins" — one of the show's best episodes to date — and while it might not have soared to those heights, it was still a hilariously weird and occasionally thoughtful entry for the Emmy-winning comedy.

Written by Nigerian-American artist, Ibra Ake, the episode followed Van — the show's lone female lead, played by Zazie Beetz — and her girlfriends as they attended a New Year's Eve party at Drake's mansion; dubbed by one of them, "a thot-a-ton".

Atlanta (Photo: FX)

On his Twitter, Ibra Ake joked about why he wrote the Drake-centric episode, describing it as "a piece of content for [the rapper's] roll-out of 'Nice For What’". A happy coincidence, considering the episode was written long before Drake released his hit female empowerment anthem. 

While a Drake appearance was teased throughout the episode, the Grammy winner never actually showed up. Granted, as much as we would have loved to see the "God's Plan" rapper in our favourite show, his reaction to finally seeing the episode might be better than any cameo we could have gotten.

On his Instagram story, Drake shared a clip from the show, which he captioned:

"This shit is surreal. I am too high for this"

To be honest, we would actually pay money to see Drake's reaction to the entire "Champagne Papi" episode; especially the very last joke, which bizarrely theorizes that Drake is secretly Mexican — which he isn't, just for the record.