'Black Mirror' New Season 4 Trailers Explore Dating Apps & Survival

For the past week, Netflix has been dropping Black Mirror trailers all over the shop. Following the release of the latest "Black Museum" trailer come two new extracts from the show to keep us squirming with impatience. The first clip is for "Hang the DJ" which looks like a modern rom-com set in the era of dating apps.

Directed by Timothy Van Patten, it's set to explore the complicated love life of a single man played by Joe Cole (aka John Shelby in Peaky Blinders), as he tries out an intrusive new method to find his 'soulmate'. Completing the phenomenal cast will be Georgina Campbell (Broadchurch, Flowers) and George Blagden (Vikings). 

The second trailer is a black and white masterpiece directed by David Slade (Breaking Bad, Hannibal, American Gods) for the episode "Metalhead". 

We're not entirely sure what's set to happen in the episode but, as the teaser shows, it will see a woman living in an isolated mountain community face a deadly threat in the form of... a dog? 

Who knows. What is sure is that it looks to be a seriously chilling piece of work, set to feature plenty of action and a battle for survival. 

To say that we're excited for one of the most disturbing and original series' of the decade to return would be a serious understatement. Here's hoping Netflix won't leave us hanging for a release date for too much longer.