Basketmouth To Release Debut Feature Film, 'The Exorcism Of Alu'

Yesterday evening, Bright Okpocha, better known to us as the beloved comedian, Basketmouth, announced excitedly that he will be releasing his first-ever feature film, a horror-thriller titled The Exorcism of Alu.

Nollywood horror is typically characterised by vintage Nollywood low-fi classics, such as Karishika and End of the Wicked, so for Basketmouth to take on the challenge of creating a competitive modern Nollywood horror film is both a brave and a wonderful thing.

The movie’s poster announces it’s release in select cinemas on January 15, only a week after the film was made public. Explaining why he kept the news quiet, Basketmouth said on Instagram:

"For 6 years I’ve been working on my very first feature film, my most challenging project. I kept it on the low because everyone I told, doubted my ability to pull it off. "

Horror is miles away from Basketmouth’s usual genre —we would have expected him to go the comedy route like AY Makun — so we can understand the skepticism. However, after spending six years on the movie, we’re confident Basketmouth has pulled off the unexpected. 

Although we haven't been enlightened as to the premise of the movie or the cast beyond himself, his unmercifully freaky posters are enough to have us eager to rush to cinemas next week. Granted, he should really drop a trailer as soon as possible.