'Avengers: Infinity War' Enjoys Biggest Opening Weekend Ever

Sold to us as the end of an era, over ten years in the making, the wait for Avengers Infinity War was pretty much unbearable. Needless to say, the movie world had huge expectations for the film's big release this weekend – and, judging by the record-shattering box office figures, it didn't disappoint. 

(Image: Marvel / Disney)

Over its first three days in the US, the movie brought no less than $250 million, making it the most successful North American box office opening weekend of all time. To put things into perspective, it looks as though the film has managed to beat the previous record, held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens with $247.9 million. 

It's worth noting that the score is not yet official and we'll have to wait until this afternoon to know for sure. Nonetheless, it's also possible that the overall total has been underestimated, which is often the case with Marvel films.

In any case, Infinity War is by far Marvel's most successful opening of all time, ahead of Avengers with $207 million and even Black Panther with $202 million. Opening in 4,474 cinemas, the film brought in an estimated total of $56,000 per venue, with the movie responsible for around 85.7% of tickets sales.

... and it hasn't even hit China yet

But that's not all because the movie also opened in 53 other countries this weekend, adding another $380 million into the mix. That brings the global debut up to a whopping $630 million total over five days – and the film hasn't even premiered in China yet.

The global box office record was previously held by Fate of the Furious with $541.9 million over its opening weekend, but that figure included ticket sales in China. The 19 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have now amassed nearly $15.5 billion combined – and counting...

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