Chidinma Is Heartbreaking In The OST For 'Wives On Strike: The Revolution'

The highly-anticipated sequel to Omoni Oboli's hit comedy, Wives On Strike finally dropped a few days ago — with critics and fans being just as mixed about it as they were with the first one. The consensus seems to be that it's average with a few strong moments. 

One thing everyone seems to agree on, however, is that "Gone Forever", Chidinma's heartbreaking soundtrack for the movie, is its biggest asset.

(Photo: Omoni Oboli/YouTube)

With Wives On Strike: The Revolution tackling the effects of domestic violence, Chidinma's "Gone Forever" — which is told from the perspective of a girl who watches her mother die at the hands of her abusive father — is incredibly powerful and fitting.

While the ballad is flawlessly performed by Chidinma and competently produced by James Adeyinka Adebunmi, it's actually written by the film's star and creator, Omoni Oboli, who keeps showing us just how talented she is. 

The music video, which was also directed by Omoni Oboli, switches between some heartwrenching scenes from the movie and Chidinma emotionally performing the song. Wives On Strike: The Revolution is currently showing in cinemas nationwide.

You can watch the full video for Chidinma's "Gone Forever" right here.

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