You Can Now Play 'Super Mario 64' Online With 24 Players

Super Mario 64 is, without a doubt, one of the biggest nostalgia triggers in the history of gaming. More than twenty years after its initial release, the game is still going strong with new speedrunning records being broken all the time thanks to various glitches and shortcuts.

But why deconstruct an old game when you can add new functions to it? Well, thanks to the world of rom hacking anything is possible. Just by tinkering with a few lines of code, you can make Mario jump 15 times further or inverse the game's original colours.

Today, one gamer by the name of Kaze Emanuar has pushed the concept even further with a new fan-made online game. Best news of all: while a pirated version of the 1996 classic already offered the option for two players to play together, Super Mario 64 Online can house up to 24 players at a time. 

As we can see in the game's demo video, the new multi-player function gives rise to a whole host of new situations. Of course, there aren't enough stars to go around meaning the game turns into a kind of Battle Royale-esque contest to come out top.

Seriously well done, the modified game stands up to Nintendo standards maintaining all character traits. For example, Peach can still float momentarily and Toad is still able to run up walls. 

Overall, it's a really impressive effort but you better hurry if you want a go because Nintendo isn't known for letting hacked versions stick around for too long... You can check it out at Kaze Emanuar's YouTube channel where you'll find all the instructions you'll need to download.

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