Brymo Has A 'Billion Naira Dream' In His New Documentary Music Video

Arguably the best male vocalist in Nigeria, Olawale Ashimi (better known as Brymo), just released the documentary-style music video for one of the best songs off his acclaimed Klĭtôrĭs album, "Billion Naira Dream".

"Billion Naira Dream" is one of the best written songs on the album, with Brymo singing about reaching for glory through his art – with lines like, "I’m telling stories in the song I sing/Searching for glory in the life I live".

(Photo: Brymo/YouTube)

(Photo: Brymo/YouTube)

Speaking about his "billion naira dream" in the video, Brymo said:

"My billion naira dream would be to see improvement in every area of my society, and of course, to be a part of that improvement – to build and to contribute."

While the music video, which was co-directed by cinematographers, Dare (Drhey Studios) and Uche Chukwu (Campfire Films), isn't technically the best of the three videos Brymo has released to promote his album, it's certainly his most personal.

Watch the video for "Billion Naira Dream" below:

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