Alternative Folk Singer, Bemyoda, Drops His Brilliant Debut Album 'Stark'

In 2015, alternative folk singer, Bemyoda, blessed us with a solid re-release of his 2013 debut EP, Sketch: The Reprise – a project he referred to as "a sketch, rough, unfinished, a prelude to something fuller".

Two years and a stunning lead single later, and we finally get that "something fuller" with his debut album, Stark; and it lives up to all the promise he showed on his debut EP and then some.

Stark starts off on a strong note with the soft folk song, "Long Way From Home" and picks up the pace on the jazzy "That's The Way It Is" before completely drawing us in on one of the album's standout tracks, "Renegade Soldier"; and that's just three tracks in. It only gets  better from there.

Speaking about what the album means to him, Bemyoda said on his SoundCloud page:

"What does Stark represent? Why Stark? Is the music bare? Or intense? Or dark? Yes, it is. And no, it isn’t. I could’ve called it 'The Human Condition', but that name was already taken.

Stark is about us, about hope and conflict, about life’s twists and turns, renegade men rising to challenge status quo, about man’s need for God, about war, and about growth. Yes, Stark is intense. And spiritual. And honest."

You can get Stark right here – or listen to snippets from each track below:

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