Apple Unveils The New iPhone X And 'Animojis'

Here we are. The Apple keynote, presented by Tim Cook, is over. Lasting around two hours, this special keynote was held in Apple's new headquarters in Cupertino, the Apple Park, designed by Steve Jobs himself more than ten years ago. 

(Image: Apple)

iPhone X: the keynote superstar

As well as the Apple Watch Series 3 (with GPS and GSM microchips) and the Apple TV (in 4K), the brand new iPhone X ws presented alongside iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

The iPhone X specs are pretty awesome:

  • Super Retina HD 5.8-inch (diagonal) all-screen OLED Multi-Touch display
  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras
  • Available in grey or silver with steel casing
  • Face-recognition software
  • No more Home button, replaced by a forward slide
  • A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture (70% faster than the iPhone 7)
  • And so on and so forth...

The 64 GB model will set you back £1149 (no price for the 256 GB model yet) and will be available from November 3.

Face-recognition lock and animated emojis 

Face ID system, relying on AI and neuron networks was pretty impressive, despite a fail at the start. The feature can record over 30.000 points in the face and match them to the owner, even if they change their look or wear accessories. It will lock the phone down and also allow you to make payments via Apple Pay.

Face ID will also help you create "animojis", that is 3D animated emojis that will integrate your expression. There is no doubt that many apps will follow suit and make the best of this new feature (think Facebook, Insta, Snap, WhatsApp...). The animoji is bound to become a new way to communicate, kind of like a cross between an emoji and a selfie, educational, fun and universal.

Apple's version of Black Mirror

All this is pretty cool alright, but there's a kind of Black Mirror aspect to it. Check out this tweet:

Can you spot the little blue character, in the middle? That's Waldo from Black Mirror's episode "The Waldo Moment", It's a cute little avatar, voiced and animated by a comedian who soon loses control of his creation: Waldo becomes so popular that it runs for the British GE and becomes an international sensation. From a bit of fun to politics to hijacked reality.

We can easily imagine a future in which Animojis will be ubiquitous and commonplace. Youtube users will re-appropriate them to create funny videos. The White House and Number 10 will design their own to appeal to younger voters. Then AI will have a go and even better versions of Waldo will be created and disseminated around the globe.

Nobody saw the likes of Facebook or Twitter coming. Nobody anticipated the phenomenal success of emojis. Apart from maybe, Black Mirror. Emojis have already transformed and sugar-coated reality with their bright colours, rounded shapes and friendly looks. Animojis will go even further and that's why apple's innovation is so fascinating. And a bit scary too.

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